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Vedic Flavors

Cardamom Seed Powder

Cardamom Seed Powder

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Vedic Flavors Authentic Green Cardamom Seed Powder, 60g | Only Seeds No Husk | 100% Elaichi Seed Powder | Kerala Ilaichi Seed Powder

Real and Natural

We make our Cardamom Seed Powder from only cardamom seeds. No extra things like husk, additives, or preservatives. It's pure like nature intended.

From Kerala's Best

We source our cardamom seeds from the beautiful spice gardens of Idukki, Kerala. This place gives the seeds an amazing taste and smell.

Made with Care

Each seed is picked by hand and ground carefully. This keeps the special oils and flavors in the powder. When you open the pack, you'll know what we mean.

Use it Everywhere

Our powder makes food taste better. Put it in chai, desserts, or even savoury dishes. It's like a secret ingredient for yummy food.

Good for You

Cardamom has been enjoyed for a long time not just for taste but also for feeling good. It's a little bit like an ancient wellness trick.

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