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Vedic Flavors

Kerala Honey

Kerala Honey

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Vedic Flavors Pure Honey 250 gm with Honey Dipper | Natural Honey from Kerala in Glass Bottles | No Added Sugar | Lab Tested

Honey 250 gm

Our honey is original honey, extracted from the honeycombs of beehives in rubber plantations in Trivandrum, Kerala. These beehives are managed by a knowledgeable and experienced bee keeper, who has won several awards from the State Government.

No Added Sugar

This honey is one of the best honey available in the market, as it is without adding any sugar syrups, or any preservatives or additives. You can totally trust us and feed this honey to your family, as we too use it in our homes. It is safe, pure honey!

Free Honey Dipper

Vedic Flavors Pure Honey comes with a free food grade wooden honey dipper. Dip the grooved end of the honey dipper, into the honey bottle and slowly twirl the handle between the thumb and fingers while using it, to prevent dripping. The viscosity of the honey and the design of the dipper, helps to drip the honey slowly.

Lab Tested Honey

This pure honey is lab tested and found to be pure and there is no sugar added. Like all good quality honey, if this honey crystallises in winter, please place it in a pan of lukewarm water and the honey will be good to use again.

Honey for Weight Loss

Pure Honey is called the nature’s sweet nectar because it is fat free, cholesterol free and sodium free. Drinking warm water with real honey early in the morning, can help increase the body’s metabolism and may help us lose weight.

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