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Vedic Flavors

Raw Tulsi Honey

Raw Tulsi Honey

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Vedic Flavors Vana Tulsi Honey, 200g | 100% Natural, Raw & Unprocessed Pure Honey | Packed in Glass Bottles | With Free Wooden Honey Dipper

Holy Tulsi

Tulsi has been revered in India for ages as it is considered a a natural medicine for many diseases. Tulsi has been part of Ayurveda and regular consumption of this herb can help in improving our health phenomenally.

Raw Tulsi Honey

Vedic Flavors Tulsi Honey is raw and unprocessed honey sourced from the hills of Northern India. This honey is naturally pure and without any additives or sugar syrups.

The Taste of Tulsi

For those amongst us, who love the natural taste of Tulsi, this pure honey will be revelation. You can taste a spoon of this pure Vedic Flavors Tulsi Honey and feel natural Tulsi on your tastebuds. You will love it.

Packed in Glass Bottles

Our honey is hand packed in our Kochi warehouse in glass bottles. This further ensures that the honey is without any plastic contamination also and is pure to be consumed with your family.

Free Honey Dipper

Vedic Flavors Tulsi Honey comes with a free wooden honey dipper. This honey dipper will help you use the honey easily in your green tea or with your breakfast cereals.

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