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Vedic Flavors

Star Anise (Chakri Phool)

Star Anise (Chakri Phool)

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Exotic Spice Delight: Explore the exotic flavours of Chakri Phool, also known as Star Anise, a prized spice from the heart of Kerala.

Fresh and Fragrant: We carefully source and pack Star Anise to preserve its freshness, ensuring it imparts a captivating aroma to your culinary creations.

Chinese Culinary Magic: Add Star Anise to your Chinese dishes like aromatic five-spice blends or slow-cooked braised meats, for an authentic and delightful taste experience.

Digestive Aid: Star Anise is known for its digestive properties, making it a soothing choice for post-meal teas, helping you savour every bite without discomfort.

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